Kalapaki Beach Kauai

The wave action is gentle at most times with long swells combing the sandy-bottomed beach. Kalapaki is best for swimming and stand up paddling, fair for snorkeling and a great place to try either body surfing or beginning with a board. You can rent beach equipment here, play volleyball, park yourself on a beach towel and find many places to eat from Duke’s Canoe Club to plate lunches and Hawaii Shave Ice.

Lap swimming is best just off shore. On the eastern side near the cliffs you’ll have calmer surf and more chance of seeing fish if you’re looking for Kauai snorkeling options.

Driving Directions to Kalapaki Beach and Parking.

Located three miles from Lihue Airport at the bottom of Rice Street. Two parking options are available. You can drive into the Kauai Marriott entrance and turn right after passing the main building. Follow Shoreline Access signs to the large parking lot. Another option is next to Anchor Cove Mall where limited parking is available. From here you’ll walk across the stream to the sandy beach.

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