Glass Beach in Kauai

Glass Beach in Kauai – Glass Beach is not the most spectacular on Kauai. It’s too rocky for swimming and small in size. Then there’s the location issue. Right behind you is an oil storage facility that provides a not so pleasing industrial backdrop.

There’s more to see but you have to drive uphill a short distance. Park near the old cemetery and hike down to the lava shelf. To the right you’ll find metal and glass embedded in the sides of the cliff. Going left will take you to the lava arch where the ocean playfully churns. Watch for blowholes and hike when the tide is out.

I like to search for blue which is my favorite and not always easy to find. In addition to color, I consider shape and size. When I leave it feels like taking a part of the rainbow in my pocket.

An old dump nearby is responsible for how the glass ended up here. The tide and surf determine how much I find on any given day. I hope the glass is plentiful when you visit. Just taking a few pieces from the beach will be a nice souvenir of your Kauai Vacation Rentals.

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