Anini Beach in Kauai

On this Kauai beach near Princeville Resort, you can snorkel the longest and widest reef in the Hawaiian islands and swim in safe, shallow water during summer. Anini calls you with its dreamlike sparkling sand, colorful fish and beautiful turquoise waters. It’s a place our Kauai vacation rental guests may never want to leave.

Our latest addition at Anini Beach is the fabulous Anini Beach House.

We love Anini’s secluded feeling. For years there was never a road sign to help you find the beach. You just knew where to turn from a local guidebook. Now it’s well marked on the highway between Kilauea and Princeville.

On the way to the beach the road hugs the ocean and offers spectacular views. If it’s busy when you arrive at the park, you can stop at the fish taco truck for a quick bite and then drive towards the end of the road. The crowds are fewer there and it’s a good place to enjoy Kauai sunsets.

Our Favorite Anini Beach Experiences.

Walking the three mile soft sand beach. If you’re in luck you may find exquisite shells. From the shore you can watch novice windsurfers trying to stay on their boards and fishermen waiting for their catch of the day.

Snorkeling and swimming in blue water. Especially in summer this is one of the safest spots for kids. The water is shallow and Kauai snorkeling is just five to ten feet from shore. Hawaii turtles like to hang out here and you’ll see many tropical reef fish. A popular one is triggerfish which goes by its Hawaiian name, humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Be sure to wear safe coral sunscreen when you go out to keep our ocean protected.

Picnicking on the grassy lawn. Prepare lunch at your Kauai vacation rental or stop at one of our favorites, Kilauea Town Market and Deli. You can buy fresh local bread, cheese and other sandwich fixings for a gourmet lunch.

Anini Beach Facilities: Bathrooms, showers, picnic shelters and plenty of parking. There’s no lifeguard so never swim alone or when the surf kicks up in winter.

Driving Directions: Watch for the Anini Beach sign between mile markers 25 and 26. You’ll turn on Kalihiwai Road and stay to the left on Anini Road.

Now it’s your turn to share favorite memories of Anini. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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